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Sparkled UK

FLUX Single Neon Letters/Symbols

Create your own combinations with our 12v Neon Letters/Symbols. Our Flux range is designed to offer you a fully customisable Neon setup with the option to choose any combination of characters in any colour.

Each letter comes mounted on clear acrylic and 2 male/female wires so that you can connect any other character in any order. You can also add to your collection of our FLUX Neon letters whenever you want to, if you want to make a new word or phrase.

In order to power these letters, you will need a 12v Power supply. For up to 5 letters we suggest a 12v 30-watt power supply and for up to 10 letters we'd suggest a 60w Power Supply. You can see the wattage of each letter in our handy table on each product page.