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Sparkled UK

Smaller Neon Art

We often get requests for Neon signs which are smaller than our typical custom Neon sign or simply use less Neon Flex & labour to produce. Here is a selection of the most popular products, each with fixed prices. These Neon signs can be made in any colour and come with mounting accessories and a 12v Power Supply.

To launch this new collection we've got some discount codes, exclusively for use with the collection.

Use #SparklersBuy2 for £15 off if you buy 2 signs


#SparklersBuy3 for £30 if you buy 3 signs. Any questions then give us a call/Whatsapp or Insta DM.

This collection would primarily be for domestic use in the living room, bedroom or kitchen. If you see a design that would work well in your commercial premises then go for it.

As always each design can be made to a larger size or adapted but it would then become a custom sign and the price would change.

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