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Birthday Parties

RGB (Colour changing) Baby Shower Neon Sign

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RGB Neon Sign
Gender Reveal Neon Sign
RGB Baby Shower Neon
  • Baby Shower Neon Sign
  • 100cm * 31cm
  • Mounted on 6mm Clear acrylic, cut to the shape of the lettering
  • 12v
  • RGB Remote control and receiver included
  • Simply plug and play
  • Mounting accessories and 12v black plastic power supply included
  • The cable which comes from the sign to the power supply is clear
  • The cabling comes from the sign to the plug is around 3m in total

This RGB (Colour changing) Neon sign is 100cm *31cm, uses a remote control to change the colour and can be used to make the gender reveal part of a Baby shower even cooler.

It's cut to the shape of the lettering which means you can really focus on the Neon and gives a more relaxed feel.

We love this sign and using RGB Neonflex for signage this intricate is wonderfully unique, meaning you'll have a true one-off.

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